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Keep Your Interiors Feeling Fresh

Keep your interiors feeling fresh

Have you heard the buzz about Biophilic design? No? Understandable as we all have been living in a pandemic for the last year. Biophillic Design incorporates sustainable, earth-friendly materials such as cork, FSC wood, rubber, bamboo, natural patterns, colors, textures, and finishes. The concept of Biophilic design rests on sustainable materials that avoid any unnecessary impact on the environment. Making cork an integral part of this design style. The cork bark is harvested every seven years allowing the tree to regenerate and grow. All the cork used is imported from Portugal and surrounding areas. To learn more, click the video below.

Cork - The most sustainable material in the world.

What makes cork so great? For starters, it's soundproof, soft to the touch, a renewable product, and looks stellar in the home! As the world continues to work from home, we all know how important it is for us to have a dedicated home office/study space. We need that space to feel as though you have stepped out of your daily chores and into a place of productivity. Sustainable and innovative cork wall coverings fits perfectly into that emotion and keeps the interiors feeling renewed. Biophilic design works to generate a reduction of stress, blood pressure levels, and heart rates while striving to increase productivity, creativity, and people's well-being. Something we all need especially with the weather challenges our country has experienced over the last few weeks.

Bring your imagination back to life, accent your walls with cork coverings and place some greenery into the space introducing life and vitality to a room.

We at Stanton Gray have taken the Biophillic theory and enhanced it with the addition of playful colors and shimmers of metallics on the cork wall coverings.

Check out these eye-catching assortments of cork wall coverings in the link below.

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