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Wall Talk-Debut Newsletter

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Greetings, design aficionados and fellow enthusiasts of all things walls and wallpapers! Allow me to introduce our exciting new venture, the inaugural edition of our bimonthly newsletter. In this carefully curated publication, we aim to immerse you in a world of captivating wall treatments and inspire your creative endeavors. Whether you're an experienced design professional or an aspiring artist, our newsletter is tailored specifically with you in mind.

Get ready to delve into the realm of wallpapers, where we'll showcase a stunning array of patterns, textures, and color palettes that can transform any space into a visual masterpiece. But that's not all! Our explorations will extend to the realm of paint, uncovering innovative techniques and trendy hues that will breathe new life into your interior designs.

Furthermore, we understand that every design journey comes with its fair share of challenges. That's why we'll be dedicating a section to problem-solving, offering practical tips and expert advice to overcome common obstacles when it comes to wall treatments. From managing uneven surfaces to using the best products, we've got you covered.

Now, here's a sneak peek into what the future holds: As our newsletter continues to grow and evolve, we are excited to inform you that we will be introducing a subscription-based model for exclusive access to premium content. This means that as a valued subscriber, you'll have the opportunity to unlock even more in-depth articles, behind-the-scenes insights, and access to exclusive design resources that will take your creative pursuits to the next level.

We invite you to embark on this exciting adventure with us, as we combine professional expertise with a conversational tone that makes the world of design accessible and engaging. Stay tuned for our upcoming issues, where we'll feature exclusive interviews with industry-leading experts, share insider design secrets, and offer glimpses into the latest trends that will shape the future of wall treatments.

We can't wait to connect with you and hear your thoughts, questions, and inspirations. Together, let's paint a vibrant canvas of creativity and elevate the world of walls to new heights. Welcome to our design community – let the journey begin!


Legacy Collection

Judith Halls' extraordinary creations continue to inspire and captivate audiences. Judith's artistic vision transcended conventional boundaries as her masterpieces are now being reimagined into exquisite wallpapers and fabrics, ensuring that her legacy lives on in new and exciting forms.

Throughout her prolific career, Judith Hall's artistic genius shone brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the art world. Her distinctive style, characterized by subtle colors, and a profound exploration of the world around her and texture, elevated her works to iconic status.

Now, her timeless creations have found new expression through the medium of wallpapers and fabrics. Every stroke, every nuance, and every emotion embedded in her original artworks have been thoughtfully translated into stunning patterns and luxurious textures, allowing admirers to bring a touch of Judith Hall's artistic magic into their own spaces.

This fusion of art and design not only pays homage to Judith's extraordinary talent but also opens up new possibilities for interior decor, where walls and fabrics become canvases for self-expression. Each piece tells a story, inviting individuals to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and imagination.

As we celebrate the legacy of Judith Hall, we invite you to explore her reimagined collection of wallpapers and fabrics, where her artistic vision meets the realm of interior design. Experience the transformative power of her work as it seamlessly integrates into the fabric of everyday life, inspiring and delighting those who encounter it.

With every wallpaper adorned and every fabric draped, Judith Hall's artistic legacy continues to breathe new life, infusing spaces with beauty, elegance, and a profound connection to her artistic spirit. Join us in celebrating the legacy of this extraordinary artist and allow her artistry to enrich your world.


Stone Cold

Introducing the transformative world of stone veneer, a revolutionary technique that blends the timeless beauty of natural stone with the versatility of modern design. This ultra thin stone is backed by a durable fiberglass support, opening up a realm of possibilities for both interior and exterior applications. Unfamiliar to many, stone veneer stands as a testament to the advancements in architectural materials, offering a cost effective alternative to traditional stone slabs.

With its authentic stone, texture, pattern, and colors, stone veneer provides a stunning visual appeal that rivals that of a thick stone slab. Its lightweight nature and flexible backing make it an ideal choice for installations where weight or curved space may have been a constraint in the past. From accent walls and fireplace surrounds to exterior facades and architectural details, stone veneer offers a seamless integration of natural stone aesthetics and contemporary design.

The versatility of stone veneer transcends the boundaries of traditional construction, presenting endless opportunities to transform any space into a captivating masterpiece. Whether used to create a rustic feature wall in a modern loft or to add a touch of elegance to a traditional home's façade, this remarkable material leaves a lasting impression.

We invite you to explore the world of stone veneer and discover the possibilities it holds for your next design project. Let its unique combination of authenticity, durability, and flexibility inspire your imagination and unlock new realms of creativity.

As you delve into the realm of stone veneer, prepare to be captivated by its ability to elevate spaces with an exquisite blend of texture and color. Embrace the opportunity to introduce this innovative material to your interior or exterior design, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it. Welcome to the world of stone veneer, where beauty, versatility, and design converge in perfect harmony.


Just for Fun...Snackables

Attention, fellow sandwich enthusiasts! Let me take you on a mouthwatering journey to the realm of the best sandwich ever. Picture this: a symphony of flavors nestled between two perfectly toasted slices of artisanal bread. The first bite greets your taste buds with a delightful explosion of savory, smoky bacon dancing harmoniously with creamy avocado and tangy sun-dried tomatoes. As you chew, the layers unfold, revealing a medley of tender grilled chicken, melted cheese, and a hint of zesty aioli that adds a tantalizing kick. Each component complements the others, creating a sandwich masterpiece that leaves you craving more. So, my friends, tell me: have you ever experienced such sandwich nirvana? I'm eager to hear about your own unforgettable encounters with these handheld delights!

Do you have a Favorite Sandwich?

  • Yes Absolutely!

  • Nothing Comes to mind.....

  • Im too focused on dessert to notice a sandwich

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