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Love Your Walls

Our homes are left a little blank at this time of year. The decorations are down the resolutions are set and trying not to be broken (except for that one time the other day...but we won't go there).

Our sights are set on spring and what this year will bring. We find ourselves looking so far out to what this year has for us, we forget about the here and now.

Let us stop for a minute and look at where we are.

Deep Breath

Over the holidays:

Did the kids baking leave your walls a little more spotted?!?

Did that commanding strip refuse to be parted from the wall?

Did New Years celebrations find their way to the ceiling?

If you answered yes to any of these then your walls need some love. Why not dress them in a new outfit this season?

Show your walls some love and cover them in our latest styles.

American Heartbeat

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