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Maxine Collection

Golden Age

Aged to perfection with patina and gold.  

Deco Dots

Copper and Sueded texture enhance this gorgeous graphic

Gilded Age

Silver with slight green and bronze patina with beautiful glitter striations 

Frosted Age

Pearl with subtle glitter and glass texture make this a stunning quiet paper

Julie's Strie

A pearl background with glass glitter & plaster texture 

Glamorous meets Earthy

Don't Stop Believin'

Channeling the best of Retro 80's this moody black wallpaper has style, glam & Fun

Paper comes in 4 color options

American Heartbeat

This country vibrates with great emotions 

This pattern reflects only good vibes

Available in 3 variations

California Dreamn'

"Stopped in to a church I found along the way".  

That is the line from the song California Dreamn' that inspired this wallpaper.  Copper patina adds a bit of shimmer to this fun paper

Night @ Emmy's

Inspired by the 2018 stage at the Emmy's this beautiful paper has it all.  Texture, metallic & pattern.  This paper gears up to be center stage 

Day @ Emmy's

Inspired by the 2018 Stage at the Emmy's this paper is the simple version of Night @ Emmy's. 

Classic elegance using dramatic colors in a quiet manner


Sometimes inspiration can come from the strangest places.  Eating a mushroom can be one of those places.  This fun paper is a perfect example of that

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