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Glass Beads & Glitter reflections make this paper a stunning option for any transitional space.

3 Color options available 

— Bling Bling

Drama & Elegance are enhanced by the Champagne, bronze & Pewter metallic

— Champagne on the Rocks

Golden Champagne streaming down these luxurious walls

— Golden Strie

Silver blocks aged & Distressed.  Edgy modern meets classic design

— Aged Silver Block

Layers of gold create a deep liquid metal appearance.  

3 Color Options Available 

— Liquid Gold

Dress up or dress down just like a pair of jeans.  This texture paper is beautiful in any setting

4 Color Options Available 

— Frayed Jeans

Fluid & Flowing Controlled without control.  Gold, purple & gray make this a beautiful modern paper

— Watercolor Purple

Raw Linen is a fresh feel for any space.  The natural feel & texture give way to a beautiful retreat.

3 Colors options available 

— Raw Linen

processed so much now it can be in the background while still conveying a statement

Available in 4 color options

— #

No matter how you pronounce this paper it remains lovely

— Strie or Strea

Full of texture and warmth this paper makes a perfect background for life


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